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Maybe it’s time to upgrade your fleet and sell the old faithful…

For $75, you can list your vehicle with for 6 months
(and usually this is all you need to attract a buyer!)

How to advertise a vehicle

1.   Take photos of your vehicle (up to 30 if you like!)

2.   Take a video of your vehicle (if you feel a ‘virtual tour’ could better promote what it has to offer)

3.   Complete an online listing form by either of the methods below;

Submit Online Listing        Download PDF Form

OR of course you can just give Lynette a call directly on 0408 866 008.

4.   Submit your photos and videos

5.   We will then send you a draft for you to review and request any changes to be made

6.   We will then send you an invoice for immediate payment

7.   Once your payment is received, your listing will be uploaded to the website for potential buyers to find it.

What if you need to make a change to the advertisement?

No problems at all! Just send us an email or make a quick phone call and we’ll arrange the changes for you as soon as possible (usually within the hour if in business hours)

When your vehicle sells

Just call or email us again and we’ll remove it from the website so you stop receiving enquiries for it.

If your vehicle needs to be listed for another 6 months?

We’ll be in touch with you a few weeks before your listing expires to take further instructions from you.

More questions? 

Feel free to call Lynette Baxter on 0408 866 008 or for further information.